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Ever searched for a domain name and found it available but its price is a lot higher than the other domain names? If yes, then you’ve already come across premium domain names.

Just like the name suggests, premium domain names are more expensive than the normal ones.

A premium domain name is a domain that is already owned by an individual person or a registry. The price of such domains can be anything, from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, this higher price only applies to the initial acquisition of the domain, but it will be renewed at regular renewal prices.

A domain becomes premium when someone feels that a certain domain name is more valuable than a regular domain name.

Domains are considered premium for a large number of reasons some of them being

  • Easily Remembered: A shorter, catchier domain name will have visitors coming to your website more frequently since it results in strong brand recall.
  • Better Brand Image: Quality domain names make your website look prestigious and credible which increases chances of a visitor to place an order on your website.
  • Better Search Engine Ranking: Domain names that include search engine keywords are more likely to gain top search engine rankings.
  • Traffic: A lot of generic domain names receive hundreds of visitors a day which generates traffic on your website.
  • Investment: A premium domain name is an investment for your business which you can sell in the future at a higher price.

It is not necessary that all premium domain names are owned by individuals. Some of them are set at a higher price by registries as well, if they believe that the domain name is premium.

Now you will wonder how to figure out if a domain name is premium or not! The biggest giveaway will be the price. Where regular domain pricing will fall between the range of 10$-30$, you will see that a premium domain name will have a drastically higher price.

But why are they so expensive??

This is because of the demand and supply principle.

When the demand of a particular premium domain name increases, its value also increases because of low supply. To find the perfect premium domain name for your business , make sure you take the help of some experts.This is because they’ll help you save onto money and will also help you with negotiating.

Premium domain names are also more expensive because of what they bring to your website. Such domain names come with added bonuses like a good reputation and healthy traffic stats. A premium domain name is an instant online brand. This helps you save onto a lot of marketing time and money. They also carry a high search volume, which means people type in those words while doing a search.

A premium domain name does wonders for your site.

  • You will spend less on advertising since organic traffic is better.
  • Customers will know exactly what you’re selling on your website. So you will save money on promoting your site.
  • Because your domain name matches what your customers are using in searches, it boosts SEO.
  • Trust and authority of a premium domain with get reputable site to link to your site.
  • A website with a reputable domain name will also boost sales since people will prefer purchasing your product.
  • A short name really works for social media since you do not have to shorten it.

Websites like and are some examples of domain names that were bought at premium.

All in all, premium domain names are a great investment for your business’ website!

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